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Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. It is a procedure that permanently modifies the shape of the cornea which is the clear covering found on the frontal part of the eye. Lasik surgery is provided to lessen the dependency of a person over contact lenses or glasses.


How does Lasik work?

The process comprises of two steps; the first step is making a corneal flap and then followed by reshaping the cornea depending upon the need of the patient. The corneal flap can be made by using either a microkeratome blade or a laser called Intralase. The Intralase Laser is a new technology used to prepare the corneal flap. This procedure is known as IntraLasik; or All-Laser/Bladeless Lasik.

Lasik eye surgeryIt should be remembered that complications normally take place when the flap is created. However, the risk is not that high at present as surgical techniques have been improved and instruments were upgraded. This advancement is known to have lessened the complications. The process is considered as outpatient procedure since it will only take about 5 minutes before the whole therapy is completed. During the process, the surgeon will have to use a computer to regulate the laser depending on the patientís personal prescription. The patient will have to glance at a target light for a short span of time while the laser will provide pulses of light in order to reshape cornea painlessly.


Lasik eye surgeryThe Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

  • For all laser-based vision correction processes then it may total to $2,105.

  • For procedures wherein a bladed instrument such as the microkeratome and Excimer lasers are used then it may total to $1,662.

  • $2,341 for Wavefront-guided Lasik using IntraLase.

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